‣ What do I get with my subscription?

With a subscription, you get 2 weekly workout videos. In addition, I will be including special guests and segments on topics that will guide you into a healthier and more fit lifestyle. You will also be added into our Facebook group where you can find support and motivational messages from me and other subscribers, as well as other content not included on the site.

‣ How often will you be uploading videos?

I will be uploading a weekly workouts and Recipe of the Week one time per week but those do not include the other additional segments that I will be posting for you as well!

‣ Do I need a gym?

Although a gym is not required for customized programming, it is encouraged! A majority of my weekly workout videos will be recorded in a gym (stay tuned for the hotel & home workout series) and if you would like to follow along, a gym membership would be your best bet. If you need suggestions in your area, feel free to reach out.

‣ I chose to #JoinTheKingdom! Now what?

Create a member login and you will get approved for access shortly after! 

‣ How can I reach you if I need help?

You can always reach me via email, the contact page, or also through the Facebook group! I will respond as soon as I can to make sure that you get the attention that you need. 

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